Description of office premises

working environment

  • Floor to ceiling windows

    Floor to ceiling windows make the office environment spacious and full of light. All offices have windows that can be opened.

  • High ceilings

    3.4 m ceilings add spaciousness to the offices. There is no need for suspended ceilings because all utility lines are located in common use hallways.

  • Wireless working environment

    All wires and piping can be hidden under the raised floors (250 mm from the concrete floor) in the offices of the 5th floor of the building. Raised floors also allow for quick redeployment of workplaces.

Office premises of
Porto Franco

  • Excellent views

    The employees and guests of the offices of Porto Franco can enjoy spectacular views over Tallinn Old Town, St. Olaf’s Church, Admiralty basin and Old City Marina.

  • Courtyards of office sections

    At the 3rd floor level, there are open courtyards between the office sections, which can be used as recreation areas as well as for meetings. Even larger groups can feel comfortable in the approximately 500 m² courtyard.

  • Toilets of office sections

    Every floor of every section is equipped with a block of toilets which are finished with high quality materials. Toilets are accessible only by the employees of this particular section and this particular floor. There is also an accessible toilet in each office section.

Technical information of
office premises

  • Individual solutions

    A powerful ventilation system allows each office to choose a suitable working environment temperature.

  • Sizes of office premises

    We can provide each company with an office that is customised according to their needs. The smallest office on a floor may be approximately 100 m² and the largest 2,050 m². Larger companies can establish their offices through all three floors of the office section. The size of one office section is approximately 3,600 m2.

  • Choosing a data communication operator

    Thanks to state of the art technology, each company can choose their own data communication operator.

  • Security and access system

    Innovative security and access systems allow the future tenants to choose the solution which matches their field of activity. 24 h access is granted to the offices.

Additional services
for tenants

  • Gallery street

    All office sections are connected by the glass top gallery at the 3rd floor level — there you can find a printing centre, a conference centre, an office supplies store and premises of other relevant service providers.

  • Car park

    The car park is located on three underground floors of Porto Franco, holding a total of 1,170 places for vehicles. First hour free parking applies to all guests of the office complex.

  • Charging of electric cars

    In the contemporary fast-moving world where the share of electric vehicles in the state’s fleet is constantly increasing, innovations have to be introduced even in the most traditional areas. For this reason, we have established charging stations for electric cars on every floor of the car park.

  • Conference centre

    There is a conference centre located on the 3rd floor, where one can rent rooms with different sizes (8 to 120 people) and contemporary technical equipment for arranging conferences, trainings, meetings and other gatherings.

  • Sports club

    The office employees of Porto Franco and their guests can use the facilities of a contemporary sports club which includes group training studios equipped with high quality furnishings, a spacious and light cardio and weight equipment area, and professional trainers for both group and private trainings.

  • Dining

    In the office centre, one can enjoy a variable food culture from various locations all over the world. There are 20 different dining places in the centre, whereas some of them are on two floors, overlooking the Admiralty basin and the Old City Marina.
    The dining places offer a wide choice of food — from breakfast to late suppers.

  • Bicycle park

    A closed bicycle park that is intended for Porto Franco office employees only is located on the –1st floor of the underground car park. In addition to the bicycle park, one can use spacious shower and dressing rooms.

  • Car wash

    In the modern fast-paced world, there is not much time left for keeping your car clean. Therefore, we have planned a car hand wash on the –1st floor of the underground car park, where you can leave your vehicle when you arrive at work and from where you can collect your clean vehicle when you leave the office.